There is no doubt you will have seen adverts about PPI claims on the television and in the newspapers, but have you taken the trouble to find out if you can claim? Many people dismiss these adverts as they do not understand the situation, but the simple truth is the payment protection insurance scandal is the biggest consumer finance issue of all time. Tens of thousands of people have been left out of packet as they have been paying into policies that they did not need or, in some cases, were not aware of. Could you be in line for a windfall?

All about PPI

Many people are unsure as to what PPI is, so let us explain: if you have taken out a loan or mortgage – or perhaps even a credit card – in recent years you will most likely have been paying into a policy that covers you in the eventuality you are made redundant. This is a PPI policy, and it is the subject of much controversy. The problem is that many people have been mi s sold PPI, and the government has ordered the banks to expect to pay back all customers who are found to be victims of mis-selling.

Can I Make a PPI Claim?

To find out if you can make a PPI claim you need to think back to the time you were sold your policy. This will probably have been at the same time you took out your loan. Your lender should, according to the regulations, have given you a full explanation of PPI, and should also have allowed you to scour the market for the best deal. In other cases it was discovered that policies were sold to people for whom they were useless, and if any of these apply to you then you may make a claim.

How to Make a PPI Claim

Making a PPI claim is not a difficult process, and it is made easier if you use a solicitor with expertise in the market. You can find one on the internet and you may get thins underway with just a simple online form. Your solicitor will handle the case for you so that you do not have the stress of the court case, and you will be able to claim back all of the money you paid into a policy. Get things underway right now, and see how much you are owed.

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