PPI Claim

If you have yet to make a PPI claim but believe that you have a right to do so we hope that we can guide you through the process in simple terms. PPI – payment protection insurance – is something that many people have been paying into without actually being aware of it. If you think that you can make PPI claims yet are looking for more information you have come to the right place. Let’s start by having a close look at what it is all about, and how you can tell if you have been mis sold PPI and can claim.

All about the PPI Claim Scandal

PPI is a form of insurance that is associated with credit agreements, loans and mortgages, so if you have taken out any of these you may be paying into a policy. It is there to help cover the monthly repayments in the event you are made redundant through no fault of your own.  At the time you took out the loan you should have had PPI explained to you in full, as well as having some of the other regulations described, and this is where the PPI claim saga began: many lenders failed to follow the regulations, and others committed even more blatant errors.

How do I Know I Can Make a PPI Claim?

If you have taken out a loan or mortgage, and believe you have a PPI policy, you will need to prove you were mis sold PPI. There are many forms of mis-selling: some people were not told that they had an automatic right to shop around for a better deal while others were simply not informed that the policy was being applied. Furthermore, many people were sold policies that were of no use to them. If any of these applies to you then you may be entitled to make a PPI claim for the fees you have paid.

Making a PPI Claim

By far the best way to make a PPI claim is to engage the services of a solicitor who is an expert in the field, as this will give you the best chance of success. It will also mean that you do not have the stress of handling the case yourself. You can find a suitable solicitor by searching online, and you can simply fill in an online form or make a phone call. It is your right to claim, so get back what is rightfully yours.

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