Mis sold PPI

Have you been reading the news about payment protection insurance claims? If so you may be wondering if you can perhaps make a PPI claim. Or maybe you are confused by the subject and need to know more? We are going to try and explain the mis sold PPI scandal in simple terms and show you how you can make PPI claims easily and successfully. First, it may be worth our while explaining what PPI is, how the scandal came about, and why it is that tens of thousands of people are making PPI claims and taking payouts.

Mis Sold PPI Explained

Payment protection insurance – or PPI – is a form of insurance that is taken out when you are granted a loan, a mortgage or any form of credit agreement. The idea is that, should you be made redundant involuntarily, the insurance policy will cover your monthly repayments for an agreed period. A few years ago there was an investigation into the sale of PPI, inspired by a number of allegations of mis sold PPI policies. This investigation uncovered widespread instances of mis selling, and the industry was subsequently rocked by major fines and a wholesale re-writing of the regulations.

Have I Been Mis Sold PPI?

Many people who took out loans and mortgages were mis sold PPI, and have subsequently made claims for repayment. In fact, the banks have put aside many billions of pounds to cover the expected demand for repayments. If you believe you were mis sold a policy it is worth your while getting hold of all the paperwork relating to your loan. You should have been given a full explanation of the policy, and you should also have been told of your right to look for the best possible deal. If not, you have been mis sold and have a right to claim.

How to Claim for Mis Sold PPI

Claiming back your mis sold PPI charges has never been easier, and many thousands of people have already made successful claims. You should engage the services of a solicitor with expertise in the claims field, and look for one offering a no win, no fee deal. With an expert on hand you will stand the best chance of success, and you can get things rolling with a simple online form or a quick telephone call. It is your right to claim, so don’t delay – get your claim underway right now.

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